on Square Market

Clubbed Thumb’s Spring Soiree
Monday, May 12th / 6 – 8:30pm

Enjoy the penthouse views and celebrate our 19th festival with Summerworks artists Jenny Schwartz, Ariel Stess, Kip Fagan, Peggy Stafford and Portia Krieger

Hosted by Sarah Sze and Siddhartha Mukherjee
and the benefit committee: Jeremy Shamos & Nina Hellman, Caleb Hammons, Anne Kauffman, Mark Rossier, Sevanne Kassarjian, David Herskovits & Jennifer Egan, Pam MacKinnon & John Procaccino, Erin Courtney & Scott Adkins, Laurel Watts & Torrance Robinson, Arne Jokela, John & Jill Bishop, Leslie & Sam Davol, Dave Tecson, Maria Striar, Yuan Ji and Kyle Sarausky

tickets are $125
a light repast will be provided

Can’t make it? Send an artist in your place with a Sponsor an Artist ticket!