Clubbed Thumb’s Spring Soiree
Monday, May 11th – 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Celebrating our 20th Summerworks with this year’s artists Jerry Lieblich, Lee Sunday Evans, Kate E. Ryan, Ken Rus Schmoll, Jaclyn Backhaus & Will Davis.

Hosted by Sarah Sze & Siddhartha Mukherjee
and Sarah Ruhl, Wallace Shawn & Deborah Eisenberg, Anne Kauffman, Rinne Groff & David Becker, Mark Rossier, Jean Andzulis, Pam MacKinnon & John Procaccino, Erin Courtney & Scott Adkins, Nina Hellman & Jeremy Shamos, Jill & John Bishop, Arne Jokela, Dave Tecson, Yuan Ji, Maria Striar and Kyle Sarausky.

Mike Iveson, with Rebecca Hart, Quincy Tyler Bernstein and other special guests, will delight us with songs from Summerworks(es) past; followed by a brief but enticing live auction.

Signature cocktails by Gordon Dahlquist (assisted by Anne Washburn).

A light repast will be served.

tickets $125

Can’t make it? You can help make the next 20 Summerworks possible with a donation!

Artwork by Erin Courtney. Sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company.