Meet the 16/17 Early Career Writers’ Group!

Each year eight writers are selected by members of our mid-career alumni community, and are lightly mentored by them throughout the year as they develop new work. The year culminates with presentations of their plays during Summerworks.


Dennis A Allen II  Dominic Finocchiaro  Alexis Roblan

Jess Barbagallo Paul Cameron Hardy  Georgina Escobar

Angela Hanks  Nina Braddock



2015 – 2016: Impartial Nudity

Bryna Turner  Eboni Booth  Mara Nelson-GreenbergPhillip Howze

Zarina Shea  Sarah EinspanierWill Arbery  Catia Cunha


2014 – 2015: Blood Piñata

Sarah DeLappe  Xavier Galva  Amina HenryStephanie Del Rosso

  Jessica Goldschmidt  Cory Finley Carmen Herlihy  Ryan King


2013 – 2014: The Falcons

TGS  Stess  LD AB

KG  JB alt headshot 2013  DR