Script Submissions

Clubbed Thumb develops and produces plays that are funny, strange and provocative. If you’ve not seen our work, look through our production history and read some of the plays we have produced (in our anthology or published elsewhere) before submitting.

Beyond our aesthetic criteria, Clubbed Thumb will only accept play submissions that fall within these basic guidelines:

  • Unproduced in New York City
  • Running time of 90 min or less
  • Intermissionless
  • Includes substantial and challenging roles for women
  • Has at least three characters
  • Do not re-submit plays we have responded to; only submit one play at a time

Submission are currently paused! In two weeks of having them open we received over 100 plays. Rather than getting terribly behind and having to shut submissions for a year (again), we’re going to take short pauses every few weeks to catch up. We will be back up and running soon – thanks for your interest and patience!!