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The very best thing about Men on Boats, and there are many contenders for this title, is watching an ensemble of stellar female performers traverse the tricky terrain of American westward expansion…a smart, funny, poignant meditation on gender and historical memory, speaking as convincingly to our own time as any drama set in the present.
-Miriam Felton-Dansky, Village Voice, Review of Men on Boats, 2016

Tumacho, an impeccably inane horse opera by Ethan Lipton, directed with cantering wit by Leigh Silverman…opened in a sweet tequila haze, playing dizzily with historical notions of American manliness…the platonic theatrical version of the artfully anarchic, shrewdly mindless comedies we wait for every summer to hit movie theaters. CRITICS’ PICK!
-Ben Brantley, New York Times, Review of Tumacho, 2016

A rollicking history pageant…brought to infectiously vidid life…Rendered in a carefully exaggerated style that both teases and cozies up to the cliches of the archetypal hero adventurer. CRITICS’ PICK!
-Ben Brantley, Review of Men on Boats, 2015

Clubbed Thumb’s Summerworks Festival fields another tremendous production–exquisitely cast, cleverly designed and directed with warmth and ease by Kip Fagan–but first-among-equals here is [Ariel] Stess’s Script.
-Helen Shaw, Time Out New York, Review of I’m Pretty Fucked Up, 2014

Clubbed Thumb continues its new-works festival, one of the best ways to see which local playwrights have had their digits whacked with the talent hammer.
-Helen Shaw, Time Out New York, Review of Baby Screams Miracle, 5/29/13

One by one, writers, actors and directors steam into a cozy East Village apartment adorned with books, puzzles and a turntable. This sort of gathering is not unique in New York City. But for playwrights, this is the one where you want a seat at the table.
– Stuart Miller, American Theatre Magazine, May/June 2013 Issue, People Article

It’s hard to make a play that’s both scalding and beautiful, but Kristin Newbom’s “Telethon” at the Ohio Theater qualifies, especially in the pitch-perfect staging it is being given by Clubbed Thumb to close its Summerworks festival.
– Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times, Group-Home Therapy, at a Doughnut Shop, 6/24/09

More than just a producer of quality theatre, the 13-year-old New York City–based company is a nexus for actors, writers and directors.
– Eliza Bent, American Theatre, Six Degrees of Clubbed Thumb, May/June 2009

Young playwrights are seen way too rarely on New York’s regular-season stages, but canny companies like Clubbed Thumb pick up the slack.
– Aaron Leichter, Metromix, Summer Theater: Festivals, 6/10/08