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    Every other year Clubbed Thumb invites playwrights to propose plays inspired by a particular prompt. The application is open to all, and read blind. The winning proposal(s) receive (or split) a $15,000 award and two years of development support. Today (December 22, 2021) we are pleased to announce our next Biennial Commission: Your Community Theater. CLICK HERE to read the prompt


    We’re excited to be back in-person with two new cohorts of writers and directors – read about those groups HERE and HERE, and stay tuned for information about how to get to know their work. And we’re also thrilled to have a new Producing Fellow—Gabby Farrah—on our team. Welcome Gabby!


    We’re pleased to introduce you to the work of the 16 playwrights who made up the last two cohorts of our Early-Career Writers’ Group – all of whom chose to postpone their readings until we could safely gather in person.

    It’s a tightly-packed schedule of two plays per day, Tuesday through Friday, October 5th through 15th at the Wild Project. We are excited to finally get to celebrate these writers and hope you can join us – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


    Our three-part digital adaptation of Rinne B. Groff’s THE WOMAN’S PARTY, directed by Tara Ahmadinejad is now closed. Thank you to the many many artists who took part in making it, and to everyone who tuned in! It was a wild experiment, and we are very proud of the outcome.


    We’ve been eager to put out a second anthology since Funny, Strange, Provocative was published in 2007, and the last year finally provided us with the time to take on this long-awaited project. We are thrilled to announce that Unusual Stories, Unusually Told, published by Bloomsbury/Methuen, is now available!

    In it you’ll find seven Clubbed Thumb plays that span 18 years of our history, as well as essays and interviews about the work, and the often atypical processes that led to their productions.

    Read more about the book and get your discounted copy (and our first anthology) HERE


    Jesse Green writes: “With wit, a light hand, and even occasional raggedness…The Woman’s Party is bracing political theater.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REVIEW

  • EAT YOUR FEELINGS - three short videos about taking care of ourselves and each other

    Over the past few months we’ve been commissioning Clubbed Thumb artists to make short videos while we wait for theaters to re-open. We’re pleased to bring you the first installment of this initiative, a series created by Directing Fellowship alumnae Kate HopkinsKate Eminger and Caitlin Sullivan.

    It began as a chance to check-in with various CT artists during the pandemic – but quickly became a much deeper investigation of our community, of how we rely on one another, and how we might rebuild and reimagine a better future. This first episode features actress, playwright and good friend Crystal Finn cooking with her daughter Delphina (follow along from home with the recipe on the left).

    The series also features an organization which started in March to address food insecurity in New York – EV Loves NYC. Their work is crucial and ongoing, and we hope the videos inspire you to spread the word about what they do, volunteer and donate. They need our help.

    Click here to learn more & donate to EV Loves NYC

    And stay tuned for two more episodes, featuring Chinaza Uche & Caitlin Zoz and Mel Ng – as well as more commissioned work from a variety of Clubbed Thumb artists, coming soon to CT/TV!

  • What the Constitution Means to Me streaming on Amazon Prime, starting October 16th

    Though the national tour is on hold, you can still catch Heidi Schreck’s beloved play (which originated in Summerworks 2017) before the election.

    Filmed during their last week on Broadway, and directed for the screen by Marielle Heller, What the Constitution Means to Me will stream on Amazon Prime beginning October 16th.


Medea Eats

by Adam Bock
directed by Pam MacKinnon
With Gary Brownlee, Lars Hanson, Seth Herzog, Gretchen Lee Krich, Meg MacCary, Rizwan Manji, Kimberly Ross, Maria Striar, John Wellmann and Mather Zickel
Sets by Matthew Anderson
Costumes by Liza Siegler
Lights by DM Wood
Sound by Reed Robins
Medea’s fabulous dinner party is ruined when her tycoon husband brings home yet another new date.
June 8 – 24, 2000

The Doctor of Last Resort

by Rachel Sheinkin
directed by Elizabeth Stevens
With Peter J. Crosby, Nicole Halmos, Ian Helfer, Ali Marsh and Erich Strom
Sets by Daniel Meeker
Costumes by Louisa Thompson
Lights by Daniel Meeker
Sound by Matthew Ezold
A para-psychiatrist, his wry receptionist and an overly emphatic patient find that one person’s sickness is another person’s cure.
June 15-16, 2000


by Ann Marie Healy
directed by Shawn Fagan
With C. Andrew Bauer, Jeremy Schwartz, Josh Conklin, Austin Jones, Larissa Kiel, Natasha Price, Sara Sommervold and Matt Wiens
Sets by Ethan Crenson
Costumes by Meredith Palin
Lights by Michael O’Connor
Catch Flip, Gigi, and their pals during their summer of lust and betrayal.
June 22 – 24, 2000


by Erin Courtney
directed by Maria Striar
With John McAdams, Meg MacCary, Jenny Penny Curry, Austin Jones, Ian Helfer, Robert Alexander Owens, Jeremy Schwartz, Mark Shanahan, Andre Canty, Gary Brownlee and Mather Zickel
Sets by Andrew Cavanaugh Holland
Costumes by Jeannette McDougall
Lights by Randy Glickman
Sound by Jason Fitzgerald
Action — Speed — Excitement
October 26 – November 18, 2000
at Walkerspace


by Rinne Groff
directed by Emma Griffin
a co-production with SALT
With Maria Striar, Maria Porter, Mahlon Stewart and Camila Jones
Sets by Louisa Thompson
Costumes by Meredith Palin
Lights by Mark Barton
Sound by Noah Scalin
When it came to fighting, they were the greatest. Now the new nanny has got ’em on the ropes.
January 20 – February 12, 2000
at Altered Stages