What's Happening!


    We are excited to introduce you to the incoming cohort of Directing Fellows: Tara Ahmadinejad, Sarah Blush and Kate Eminger. 


    This fall they’ll develop plays by Sarah Einspanier, Amina Henry and Bryna Turner with student actors from Playwrights Horizons Theater School, and in January we’ll present those plays with professional casts at our fourth-annual WINTERWORKS.


    Read more about the directors and the program HERE.


    We are exceptionally proud of the work we put out over the last seven weeks. Thank you to the over 150 artists, staff and interns who made it happen, and to the over 3,300 people who came to see a show this summer.


    We were also excited to introduce you to the plays of our early-career writers’ group throughout the festival, as well as the work of Chris Brown (Summerworks’s Master Electrician of many years) whose drawings of the East Village filled the lobby gallery. (Check out his work HERE and contact him to buy something!)

  • Thank you to everyone who made it out for Winterworks

    Winterworks 2018 was a great success–over the course of five days we squeezed nearly 300 people in to see the work of our Directing Fellows Sarah Hughes, Lily Riopelle and Taylor Reynolds. Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to the incredible company of over 30 artists who made it happen

  • Cute Activist starts this week!

    We’re associate producing Milo Cramer’s CUTE ACTIVIST at the Bushwick Starr, directed by Morgan Green and featuring a cast of friends–David Greenspan, Deepali Gupta, Annie Henk, Elizabeth Kenny, Ronald Peet, and Madeline Wise. Performances start this week and tickets are scarce! Get yours HERE

  • The 2017 Clubbed Thumb Biennial Commission goes to Angela Hanks and Gabrielle Reisman!

    We received a record number of submissions for this year’s Biennial Commission – thank you to everyone who sent in a proposal! The panel elected to split the prize between Angela and Gabrielle, and to award three finalists–Gracie Gardner, Paul Cameron Hardy and Daniel Glenn–$1,000 and a workshop



In which Alicia tries to make time go backward, ensnarling her expressive friends, their conjurers, and a lot of jars.

By Tanya Saracho
Directed by Jerry Ruiz
Sets by Steven C. Kemp
Costumes by Emily DeAngelis
Lights by Christian DeAngelis
Sound by Jana Hoglund
Stage Manager Mary Spadoni
With Flora Diaz, Annie Henk, Anna Lamadrid, Jessica Pimentel, Christina Pumariega

June 5-11, 2011

Our Lot
In which three siblings clear out their dead step-dad’s trash. Or is it their legacy? And who gets the haunted van?

By Kristin Newbom and W. David Hancock
Directed by May Adrales
Sets by Timothy Mackabee
Costumes by Alixandra Gage Englund
Lights by Gina Scherr
Sound by Ryan Maeker
Stage Manager Lizzy Lee
With Joanna P. Adler, Nathan Hinton, Mariann Mayberry, Paul Niebanck

June 12-18, 2011

Civilization (All You Can Eat)

In which ambitious gurus, entertainers, wage slaves and a giant pig let their appetites get the better of them.

By Jason Grote
Directed by Seth Bockley
Sets by Laura Jellinek
Costumes by Jessica Pabst
Lights by Raquel Davis
Sound by Shane Rettig
Choreography by Dan Safer
Stage Manager Sunneva Stapleton
With Jeff Biehl, Reyna de Courcy, Melissa Miller, Andres Munar, Melle Powers, Elizabeth Rich, Tony Torn

June 19-25, 2011