2016 was filled with major milestones for Clubbed Thumb, and so much to be proud of:

The new programs we started; the critical successes we had; our early career writers knocking it out of the park; the passionate, beautiful vision of each one of our productions.

Going forward we want to continue to expand our producing footprint, make bold new art with a diverse and growing roster of talent, create more and better opportunities for young artists—and we must commit to taking better financial care of our community. We invested in these things in 2016, and the results were glorious.

We are all stunned by recent events. We move forward by honoring our victories, proving our values, and forging plans for a better future. In honor of our first 20 years and faith in the next, if you appreciate our work, share our vision, and can afford it, we hope you will give generously to Clubbed Thumb.

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