What Then

January 7 – 28, 2006

“Hal Brooks expertly directs his talented cast of four in a superior example of ensemble work.”
– Karl Levett, Backstage, 01/18/06
What Then by Rinne Groff

What Then

by Rinne Groff,
directed by Hal Brooks

Summerworks 2006

May 31 – June 24
at The Ohio Theatre

“Directed with precision by Pam MacKinnon, the cast [of “Alice the Magnet”] mimes every last recess of messy ambiguity, exploiting the premise that nothing, save perhaps a direction of a magnetic compass, has a true polar opposite.”
– Terri Galvin, nytheatre.com, 06/11/06
I Have Loved Strangers by Anne Washburn

I Have Loved Strangers

by Anne Washburn,
directed by Johanna McKeon

Alice the Magnet by Erin Courtney

Alice the Magnet

by Erin Courtney,
directed by Pam MacKinnon

Quail by Rachel Hoeffel


by Rachel Hoeffel,
directed by Kip Fagan

Opening Night Event:
Wednesday, May 31 — Take 5 »»