Have a seat and get comfy in the sitting room!

(…so that “no one here is ignorant about women’s history”)

This room is a gallery of gender equality warriors. It is by no means a comprehensive round up of all the incredible campaigners that have advanced American gender politics. We have highlighted women from the general time period of the events mentioned and recreated in Clubbed Thumb’s The Woman’s Party, some of whom were characters in the play and members of the party, others of whom were leaders of other important organizations and movements. 

You may have met some of these activists in The Woman’s Party, some you may have heard about in history classes, and some you may not have encountered yet. The women’s rights movement in America has been fraught with class, gender, nationalist, and racial biases, leaving many hard-fighting, brave, and outspoken activists out of the mainstream historical eye.

If these these unwavering, brilliant, and courageous people inspire you and you want to join their ranks, check out the Library on the bottom floor for more information on people and organizations that are currently working for the passage of the ERA, fighting voter suppression across the country, and ways you can get involved.

— Chloé Hayat